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April, 2007 | http://75.co.za
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As dodgy as this photograph might seem it is the point where it all began. On the day it was posted an idea of what 75 was to become was defined, verbatim:

… I will select two other people who will post their photographs (one per day) and soon they have posted 75 (my grandmothers age this year) photographs (that is 75 days) they too will be able to select two other people they know to start posting.

After those words it took almost two years to actually launch the site (19th April).  It has grown, it still baffles my mind of how far it has gone and where it is going.

Some have define it as 'Flickr' of Africa —  I wouldn't agree with that completely as it does not encompass all (or most) African photographers. I do however believe its growth and where it will end up, will carve something new.