a way to be
this is a way to be anywhere: using public transport, buses, trains and teksis*
July, 2012 | http://awayto.be
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This idea of finding a way to be anywhere using public transport is the oldest idea we've ever had, although it is the latest idea with have brought to light. It was conceived in 2004 after I had to borrow my aunt my car and found myself immobile and not knowing how to utilise existing public transport (buses and mini-bus taxis) to get to work.

That scenario created the itch

how to get from a to be using public transport in Johannesburg?

We believe we have managed to solve that problem with 'a way to be' — and more than that we believe this idea  transcends borders — it is not limited to just Johannesburg but could be anywhere. But, just like our philosophy, we will focus our energies to covering all of Africa, and just maybe achieve that illusive old-age dream:

Cape to Cairo.

We will keep you updated how far it goes and how well it performs, for it is also a bespoke custom designed and built application (including the routing algorithm).