Celebrate Life
You have one life to live and if you do it right once is enough. Never ever give up on what you believe and dream of. Demand to be remembered forever.
March, 2009 | http://cl.studio83.co.za
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After STUDIO83 was created there was a concerted effort to try to understand what and where S83 fitted — as the site grew it became evident that a different edition to that stable was required.  Celebrate Life Magazine was then conceptualised — although, after a passing of a friend ours, it became even more evident that a separate magazine needed to be created and it is simply this:

Inspired by Lelethu Lumkwana.

The direction for CL is different from S83 in that — firstly, it will appear as a 'female' version of S83 but it is rather a divergence from S83.  It's growth is gradual. Its definition is tricky because it is intrinsic:

we feel it rather than think of it.

In the future I hope I will be able to detail it better.