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September, 2005 | http://gusto.co.za
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A friend (Matome Bopape) approached me to help him setup his blog and within a few weeks he asked me to setup one for his brother and sister who were both living outside of the country or not based in Johannesburg at the least.

As soon as those two extra blogs were setup — using Wordpress — Gusto Projects was established.  On a regular basis more and more blogs were setup. It then dawned on us that we need to find a way to centralise and make this process more efficient.

We then decided it would be best to implement our own system that would work the way we wanted it to and be able to provide features and functionality that Wordpress couldn't. As great as this sounded, time was never on our side:

… dedicating time and resources to a project you believe in whilst trying to keep the "wolves at bay" is a challenging feat.

Albeit the project was completed, but by that time, the momentum of Gusto had started to fade and we were not able to resuscitate the project to a point and pace we needed it to be. We had to take the site down — the Wordpress blogs still exists with minimal activity though.

There is still value in Gusto — in fact it is one of the key missing elements in all of the current Growth Projects we have — it will be resurrected, that is for certain — when, that is what we are not sure of.