HALF is sharing what you know and what you think we should know. It is not about you but what defines you, your other existence, your other half.
August, 2005 | http://half.co.za
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    2005/SEP GUSTO
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    2005/FEB Harvest

HALF is a project birthed out of a need and want to isolate good design (keen focus on aethetics and originality) ideas, from:

interactive media, graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, information graphics, user interface, user experience, art, film, etc.

to curate and filter really good ideas.

Sharing what we know of, that inspires us, that inspires our creative existence.  It is the oldest idea, to be created by us, but it has not yet become what it needs to be.  There is a plan, or rather, an objective that needs to be executed. Just like everything else, requires time and resources.

We live in hope, that it will be, one day — one day.