An MVC web application development framework. In simple terms it means we can build anything that runs on the internet through it, well almost everything.
February, 2005
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    2005/AUG HALF

In the early stages (circa. 2004) I was invested in a lot of projects that required a Content Management System (CMS). Through that I realised I kept redoing the same thing over and over again, the requirements were similar but with different outputs e.g.:

a client would want a calendar of their events and another would want a bookings manager; or one client would want a blog and the other would want to manage press releases; and so on and so on.

There is a programming concept called DRY:

… do not repeat yourself.

Because of that I realised I could not use the same CMS but I could use the same modules in that CMS and thus I started work on a (rapid) Web Application Development Framework (codenamed: Harvest).  I had surveyed other existing frameworks (Zend and Cake were close to what I wanted to) but none worked the way I apply logic to a system).

The name harvest implies — harvesting human intuitive environments — to borrow from a rapper that once said:

… are you custom fitted or are you custom made." — Ludacris

The idea behind that philosophy is that no human being should try to learn how a system works but a system should learn how that person wants to be productive. This framework has been used in many different projects including all growth projects.

The current version of the framework is dubbed: Harvesting/Apples — the next version which will be named: Harvesting/Bananas.

The intention of the next version will be to create an open source version which we hope will solicit outside help in growing it further.