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October, 2006 | http://studio83.co.za
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At 16h02 on the 25th of October 2006 I got an email from a young man called George, no — I got an email from a young man who calls himself, Gorgeous George and it went something like this:

Sho lebo

My name George a.k.a Gorgeous.George. I have started a magazine called Studio 83 – I would love to use your work as part of the magazine. The magazine will be in PDF format. It would be easy to send via email.

Well it is a digital magazine - it does not go [to] print and it [is] free - I don't get money out of it.

Since then STUDIO83 has produced 9 magazines and spawned two other projects: Celebrate Life and another project (which I can't speak of, yet).  It is growing, last year it managed to source out advertising from Nike, albeit, brief but it was monumental milestone in that the project proved that it can be self-sustaining (which is key in the greater scheme of things).