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ttby is about music, period.
May, 2009 | http://ttby.co.za
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This site was built on self-fish want and need to reduce the time it takes me to find the who, what, where, when, why and how of a specific artist and/or track.

But, the official definition, goes like this:

ttby is about music, period.

Music that we (collectively) listen, jam, dance, jive, drive, work, eat, drink, play, mourn, remember, cook, sleep, create, destroy, dream, imagine and definitely pro-create to.

The music aggregated is automatically done, firstly and most importantly it is done via twitter:

In the beginning I asked a few friends to hash-tag all their music related tweets with #ttby — and now it is wide spread. Its use is not that big, compared to other hash-tags, but, the smaller numbers have provided us with wider range of musical taste, which is also an objective of the project, to discover music we are most likely to enjoy.

The rest of the site, tv+bars (videos+music) is also automated via youtube, vimeo, soundcloud. We are planning to add more as time allows.  We also have other music based ideas, but that will come after the next version.

It is still in its alpha phase — the objective was to get the technology to work. We are currently in the process of rejuvenating it with a different kind of musical experience.

As the cliché goes, watch this space.