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19h47 Wednesday, 16th February 2011


It has taken quite a number of years to get site off the ground to a point where it makes sense.  I do believe the time is right, although slightly late, but you know what they, better late than never.

The key parts of the site are 'Growth' and Ideas: these are the crown jewels.

  1. Growth — is a collection of web based ideas we implemented with like minded individuals. These are projects that we (that is 2LMN and the respective company involved) believe in — to borrow from politics — their existence is paramount. The list of projects is not complete, I am in the process of compiling more. Some of these projects are not yet live they are still waiting for resources to be allocated.
  2. Ideas — are, well, ideas. These are not things we believe in blindly but these are thoughts, not so random, but thoughts on this medium we are consuming at a greater rate day in and day out. Most importantly, these ideas are grounded within the African (spoken mainly from a South African) context and that, Africa, will be the key counter-point of engagement.
  3. Work — this is our collective experience that spans over 8 years.

I hope you will engage in the dialogue as time moves, for now I need a cup coffee and hope the site holds till the tomorrow. I do have a few ideas I'd like to share with you.

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