Stifled Growth.
18h11 Wednesday, 13th July 2011

I was washing dishes and it occurred to me that the Growth Projects don't actually work — I prefer dish washing for thinking clearly over a shower or a bath, but I digress.

When the Growth Project concept was conceptualised the idea was fairly simple:

to grow human intuitive environments in collaboration with other like minded individuals.

Over the years I engaged with a lot of people, built a lot of interesting projects, some died, some grew, some evolved some stayed the same.  During that very same period, the question in my mind has always been:

… why do they die or rather why do they not grow?

I can't answer that but I have observed the following:

  1. 2LMN's involvement in a specific project had to do with a specific business objective
  2. in the beginning the custodian of an idea was in a better position that 2LMN, that is to say, I would invest the time, effort and resources to realising somebody else's idea, without certainty on the return on investment or at least achieving that business objective I envisioned.
  3. the custodian had their own objective

Over the years as the growth project grew — the objective of the owner of the project and that of 2LMN never aligned or they change to head into different directions, that is good or bad depending on whose objective you are on.

Now, this is simple bad business — not only business but that is not how to grow anything:

the objectives must be the same, that way all effort is geared towards a common a goal, without that common goal, then what is the point?

Strangely, during the course of this week and last week I have been at work, defining and actually implementing a project that I have codenamed: Germination.

… that is the new direction — Germination — I will explain it when it is ready, but in essence it is the objective that has been missing, so, from here-on any project that was to be grown, will be germinated instead.

Obviously, this means, I have to give the owners of the current growth project a choice to make, to either go along with Germination or well, leave the project.

I will however, still allow all existing growth project to stay, an pursue their own objectives within the environment I have provided and if they want, I will also help with the migration to wherever they want to go.

It is possible to see this as a loss, after all the Growth Project is +6 years old,

… but, you know what they say about crop-rotation.

So, we will venture on with Germination and see what happens.

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  1. Entrepreneurs might not start companies with the sole purpose of making money, but ultimately that’s the yardstick of success. Other things are nice, and important (having fun, changing the world, disrupting an industry, creating jobs), but it all comes down to whether or not you make money.

    These are not my thoughts but that of Ben Yoskovitz

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