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14h31 Sunday, 10th June 2012

I know I have professed many times that I will try compile thoughts and share them with you, I still don't have a reason why I keep failing to honour that. But, in my defence, I am still trying to find the niche tone and register of what to write here.

Alas, today is that day where I do have something to share.

business plan writing.

Of all parts of running a business that is the part I loathe the most. I am more of a lets do it and business will plan will write itself. This perspective has worked to get a few ideas of the ground but it hasn't worked to get them flying off into the proverbial horizon.

And so, here I am again, compiling a business plan for an idea that I intend to launch for public consumption on the 28th of June. I need funding that is the only reason why I am compiling the plan. I could try and launch the service without the need of funding, that will still happen, but its future growth depends on the ability to sustain the idea and forcefully gain market share, to achieve that, I need funds.

What is evident is, I lack the ability to unpack the ideas in my head into a coherent document. This is has made me procrastinate this process for a very long time, it's been 2 months since I planned to do it, and only today I am actually compiling the plan. I am, currently, on page one with two paragraphs written, sigh.

I seem to have the capability of imagining the document complete but I do not have the stomach for the actual process of compiling it.  It is not mentally challenging per-say, but it feels like a tedious task to engage it. At the same time I realise that if I was that person or entity that would want to invest over 7 million rands, I too would want a document to justify the expense.

And so, am I writing it, out of respect and gratitude of the prospective funder, they deserve to know what I intend to do with their capital.

I will, no promises though, try to write notes of this process as I get knee deep in it, so those of you who are planning to be on the same path can learn from my mistakes.

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